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About AI

Few things have caused the kind of stir going on in business than the fervor around Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI.  The "AI Market", according to Forbes, is projected to reach a staggering $407 billion by 2027, experiencing substantial growth from its estimated $86.9 billion revenue in 2022.

Most companies are scrambling to understand how the technologies of AI will bring those benefits or how to remain competitive without it.  But it’s difficult for business leaders to answer their employee’s questions, if they don’t understand AI itself.  And that’s the common snapshot today.

IF AI Isn't Talking to HR by HC2advantage
AI Stats from various sources

When it comes to "people", like customers, clients, employees, and citizens, and as HR holding the identity of “the people people”, HR is already getting calls from people asking not so much about what AI does, as much as how AI will affect them.  And the media isn’t making employee anxieties any better.

While businesses and people have dealt with technology changes for years from the transition from horses to motorized vehicles, AI seems to have been able to engage a lot more stress and anxiety in the workplace today, and that's why we've created our AI Practice at HC2.

Our Approach

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HC2’s AI Transition Model is our diagnostic template that we use to understand your current business environs and to develop your path forward for AI.

While this model is ideally suited for organizations planning to make use of AI, it can also be used as a valuable optimization tool for those who already make use of AI.

HC2's AI Transition Model

What AI is.. and is Not

Both business and current media are equally confused about what AI is right now, and many of the takeaways are a mix of truth and assumption.  So, let’s get some clarity here.

Let's Start The Discussion

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We've been assisting organizations for awhile now as their AI strategies have been emerging from the early steps of manufacturing robots, social media monitoring and "chat bots" to their considerations for future developments. 


Let us help you navigate your path when it comes to the "people" implications of your planning.

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